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One Time I Hiked From Mexico to Canada.

Friday, May 22nd - Day 30

Today was a mix of good and bad. It was hot out, but the trail didn’t climb much. Of course it climbed some, but we didn’t find ourselves switching back and forth up a mountain as we have so often in the past.

There were a ton of flies. Black horseflies that bite. Every time we stopped moving, ten or fifteen of them would swarm around me, landing on my arms, my neck, the back of my head. For this reason I was inclined to keep my breaks short. At lunch they got so bad that I set up my tent and crawled inside, finally eating my food in peace while they tried to get in. We finally escaped them later in the day, and set up camp in a picnic area outside a ranger station. 17 miles between water sources today. I carried four liters and didn’t run out, although I was thirsty much of the time.

Been out here for 30 days now. In that time, I’ve taken three hot showers and one cold one. I’ve slept in two beds, one night each. I’ve probably looked at my own reflection in a mirror five or six times. My beard is growing strong and mighty, and I stink from sweating all day, every day. It’s been a good month. ‘Night.

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